Chinese Pavilion moves to a temporary site


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What is that pavilion doing in the middle of the parking lot? The Chinese Pavilion will be resting in its relocated spot for a while as the construction of the new McGovern Centennial Gardens parking lot between the Marvin Taylor Trail and Hermann Drive takes place. The pavilion will move eventually to its permanent home atop the new Pine Hill Walk to be built adjacent to the site where the structure now temporarily resides. 

A number of the exercise stations have been installed adjacent to the Marvin Taylor trailhead for joggers and walkers to use before the new stations are placed in their permanent home a bit further down the trail.

Take a walk towards Caroline Street to the other end of the Garden site from the pavilion where the Garden Mount is just beginning to rise from 4′ below grade.  Cement-stabilized sand is forming the base of the mount–watch as it takes shape and reaches its completed height of 30′ over the next several weeks. For perspective, the Miller Theatre hill across Hermann Park Drive is 19′!


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